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Harry, melodic hardcore / punk rock band from Ajdovščina, are Matej, David and Simon, since 2002.

Rising from strong local hardcore scene from the end of 90`s in their hometown Ajdovščina & influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Lifetime, Satanic Surfers, No Fun at All, Boy Sets Fire, Samiam, ...

Harry do things D.I.Y., playing punk-rock with pinch of hardcore straight from their hearts and manifesting critical social-political and personal views, fighting against apathy, ignorance and fears present in society. Just playing music to get away from their everyday’s lives to gain strength and power for better tomorrow!

After their numerous gigs all around Slovenia on all important festivals and places as the youngest band (after less than a year of existance), without any recordings. Harry recorded "demo" but putted out as an self-titled album in 2005 on friend`s record label - Pancake records.

Harry has always been a D.I.Y. project and remains until today.



released January 1, 2005

Guitars & Vocals - Matej Likar
Bass & Vocals - David Božič
Drums - Simon Mislej

Produced, Engineered, Recorded and Mixed in summer 2004 by Harry and Miloš Miloševič @ Kingu studios.
Recorded during summer 2004.

All songs written and arranged by Harry.

Layout by David Božič.
Band photography and Design by Miha Bratina.
Other photographies by Sandi Mislej and Aljoša Todorovič.

Record label: Pancake Records



all rights reserved


Harry Ajdovščina, Slovenia

HARRY, melodic hardcore / punk rock band from Ajdovščina, are Matej, David and Simon, since 2002.

Rising from strong local hardcore scene from the end of 90`s in their hometown Ajdovščina & influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Lifetime, Satanic Surfers, No Fun at All, Boy Sets Fire, Samiam, ...

Zavod Minno, Žapuže 82, 5270 Ajdovščina
M: zavod.minno@gmail.com
P: +386 (0)41 585
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Track Name: Start today
If you see opportunity in front of your hands why do you let it go and say: “Nobody will ever accept my commands and all the skills I want to show!”?

They celebrate in front of your eyes.
Why don’t you stand up and name the price?
When the position is to defend that story seems to see the end.

Will you be true? Will you become sincere to you?
Start live your wishes today, with no deal to pay, no matter what they say!
Track Name: Intifada
Here comes another day.
Why don’t you let me live on my way?
Behind the wall I feel so stock.
Nation will react, step one step back!!

Every day I find my way how to live capture’s life.
Every day I find my way how to increase resistance strife.
Track Name: Lost love
Living to abuse you, denying equal rights, torturing in all the ways every day.
You are worth more that you know! Pack your things and run away!

Wait till tomorrow, when the time is right, say what you want to say!
Sell your sorrow!
You are the same so throw away your sense of blame!
Track Name: Right or wrong?
Last time alone. I was looking pictures of our past.
Is it that wrong if you see that your life won’t last?

Have you seen me cried?
Why did you go to commit your suicide?
I don’t… You don’t know…

And now you are gone…

Is it right or is it wrong?
But it’s sad how you always hurt that ones who you love!
Track Name: Burn down
You want to conquer the World to reach your final goal.
You want to have all, even my soul.

Burn politicians down!
Track Name: Decision
Change, rearrange everything you are!
Erase all your living days, everyone so far!

We live our lives day by day for so long and we decided that we don’t care!

They will take you everything what you have and even what you’ve got. Don’t let them do this without fight!
Track Name: Surrender
Hey you! Why don’t you just say I’m afraid of rescuing situations, crawling on the floor…
Quit it all! Why don’t you just go and give up throw away everything what once mean everything for …

... you! Is it true that you will lose everything what you believe in, but you don’t care?

You? … will lose your paradise everything you could have if you won’t sacrifice!
Track Name: Little ocean
Wanting more and more, causing so much pain, suffer of so much people, how can you show your face again?
Everybody must stop you even it's against your own strife when you won't expect for the rest of your life!

...and do you know - that children can't reach the doors,
they are playing on the floors...

Do you know how little you are in the middle of the
Track Name: 5 seconds sleep
My imaginations to run away with not to see any other sunny day.
Maybe there is a way to understand all the time we have spent.

5 seconds sleep…

Where are you?
Are you lost too just one more time?
I know because my life has just begun.

And all the fun sitting in the sun, and all the crime it’s only in the rhyme, and every fight loosing its side, I’m not going to sleep tonight!
Track Name: Guardians
What are you saying you stupid liars on the G7 show!?
If we get you we won’t ever let you go!

One day, one life, people can not fight, step by step outside die without any pride.

For rescue this we must find another way! Rescue this!

You World’s Masters!

When will be a day when you will pay for political ignorance and go away, to live a life you give us now?

Track Name: Step out
No one care who you are, what is your color or your religion!
Your liberty isn't so far!

No one care what you do!
If you are a full-time worker that's your decision but it's important who are you!

Step out of darkness!

Free your mind, free your soul, now it's time to reach your goal!
Now it's time to reach your goal!
Track Name: Summer story
All summer long I will wait you here till next time, my sweetest dear. Because of you I lost my consciousness.
What to do? I love you more or less!

See you soon, from my heart, I know I’ll remember you for so long.
Track Name: Struggle
What will you say when you will hit the ground?
Are their promises in second lost and found?
In spirit that you shouldn’t have to know.
Escape from sorrow! So you must go!

Refuse to be just a part of the machine in our society which is killing your own identity!

Remember who you are! Remember what you do!
If you will forget they will erase you!
Track Name: Memories
When I live my life in fear, nice things want to hear but you are not near.
I remember what you used to say, how to live every day whit no need to pray.

I wish you here by me right now so I cry.

I will not ever forget you.
Track Name: Fist club
Why did you come back to me? Now I see…

What I want to say what happened last night?
For you it was a play, for me another fight!

How do you feel? Do you want to die!

Feel alright, feel O.K., feel alright, no matter what, you will pay!
Track Name: 9.11. Syndrome
“Don’t be afraid, don’t be upset, there is nothing to talk about”, you are lying on TV so shut your mouth!

All those atomic bombs and a false sense of security, you let that our World is led by machinery.

“Justice must be saved” thinking leads to poverty of starving innocent people ignoring equality!

Don’t tell me, how it should be, how you will stop and our world won’t fall apart.
There will be no bombs around us, when we’ll reach “the doors”, when we will start!