Dead City System

by Harry

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released April 4, 2014

Guitars & Vocals - Matej Likar
Bass & Vocals - David Božič
Drums - Simon Mislej

Back vocals by Harry, Start at zero and Jani Jež.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Harry and Aljoša Todorovič @ Harry is in the hoax program Studios.
Recorded during 3 sessions: April 2013, June 2013 and December 2013 - January 2014.
Mastered by Carl Saff @ SaffMastering.

All songs written and arranged by Harry.

Illustration: Julijana Božič and Istvan David
Design: Istvan David
Photo: Hana Karim

Record label: Minno



all rights reserved


Harry Ajdovščina, Slovenia

HARRY, melodic hardcore / punk rock band from Ajdovščina, are Matej, David and Simon, since 2002.

Rising from strong local hardcore scene from the end of 90`s in their hometown Ajdovščina & influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Lifetime, Satanic Surfers, No Fun at All, Boy Sets Fire, Samiam, ...

Zavod Minno, Žapuže 82, 5270 Ajdovščina
P: +386 (0)41 585
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Track Name: Power of night (The ghost town)
Give me one reason to stay and maybe I won’t go away!
You are the only thing that I protect. Don’t you see, did you forget?

All alone in the middle of the night.

Is this just one big game?
We will never be the same and I don’t need this anymore, I don’t want to start a war.

Desperate fights are just your desperate fight. You’re loosing your sight.

I’ve sung the same song, but I’ve sung it for way too long.
You’ve forced my hand to write a list of what I’ve left behind.

A ghost town – the air is clear – last chance to disappear. Freedom might be my deepest fear.
Track Name: The other side
You think you cannot, but we think you can!
Stand up and do it again and again.
All the things that you can achieve clench your fists and believe!

Contemplating problems sometimes just isn’t good enough.
If you’re afraid to jump you’ll miss what’s on the other side?

There’s always a solution and another way, commitment to stay.
Don’t mind too much what other people say.

You’re grinding and thinking where the fuck did I go wrong?
The answer was always there and you could’ve known it all along.
Track Name: The passion of the human being
I hope your dreams will come true because this means so much to you I’ll know before you do.
All you have now. Please get it off your chest because it’s such a shitty mess.

You were just right in between, I was matches and kerosene.

Can I get it cleaned? (Kiss on the mouth clown. Did I sell you out now?)
So I will spare you the social grace in this god forsaken place.

Your eyes of the fallen destroyed as everything else you could avoid.

All the castles, built in the sand levelled with the land.
Cleaned with fire, your childhood dreams you can’t get it clean.
Track Name: Running down in circles
I don’t hear (care), honey, what you say. It looks like you scream loud from miles away.
What we have here ... It is a conversation gap!

After all this time together our interests took such different ways. I just wanted us to be like the way we were back in the days.
I never thought we would be the ones who threw all of this away, all the things that were so precious. How could they all fade away?
Track Name: Under your skin
Let it ride, let it roll off your mind!
I will explain to you if you’re willing to listen. The power is inside you, the true feelings I’m given.

Like a song could make you whole and lead you to unknown.
Under your skin it takes control!

Let it ride, let it roll off your mind!
Don’t say a single world, just look ahead, please go back inside. There’s not much to do, or they will take your pride.
Track Name: La petite mort
Never dreamed to raise my voice. Whispering left me no choice.

You never had enough. You thought that our sun will always shine for you.

All my life I tried to realize who I really want to be?
So blind I did not recognize your shoulder was always there for me.

Last night as washed in the light. Your fall bleeding on the floor.
Here to stay to find a way is just reaching for a brand new day!
Track Name: The fingerprints of the savior
Every time you’re alone it takes your breath away.
What do you think about yourself patiently day by day?

So you're expecting to just sit back and pass this by.
Maybe with me on your side, we'll be able to reach the sky.

With no reason to play this song and we might won’t.
But with more reason to live your life just can’t be wrong!
Salvation won’t come in this song!
Track Name: Diary (Remastered version from original tapes)
Wake up in the morning asking what you may ask your partner with whom you struggle day by day:
What could we have with each other? What could we be in another life? It still would be strife.

All our time together is like an emotional diet.
Every second, minute, lasting days so quiet as your timeless staring at the ceilings instead of hiding all those feelings.

Free your heart and lock your soul! Save yourself! Pack your things and go!
Track Name: The dark side of me
You choose to carry on a lie.
We got tangled up in the afterbirth of a shooting star as it crashed down on earth.

Hands to your side! Here comes the ride!

Chased the highs, but caught the lows.
I was caught up in the throws.

You know that you want to and I will be behind you once again.
When I breathe the heavens can't hold me, as you once told me feeling pain.
Track Name: Proud deadly sins
Confusion! Seeing your life as an illusion.
Mental pollution! Be aware of the institution.

Smiling on the outside with hot blooded stain on your hands.
Bleeding on the inside with no turning back where the devil stands.

Aggression! I think it`s time to end this session.
Baptism! Live your life with honest reason.

And you are running down trying to hide your bitter years, with this deadly sound – lost and confused – look way beyond your fears.
Track Name: Caution
Remember all the warnings. Because words will turn to fists.

One of these days. I swear it is your last one. Can’t wait until you’re gone.

Another shitty morning and I still feel unstable.

It’s time to go out there and try to make it even.
It’s time to go out there and kick reality in the face.

And sometimes I wish I’ve said: “I am nothing”, because nothing would feel alright. Sometimes I wish I’ve said ... I’m fine.
Track Name: D. Ewen Cameron
And as the world breaks apart as it seems. I see this movie that plays late at night in my dreams.
Could you make it alone tonight? You can hope for everything to be alright!

A train of thoughts goes through your head while you’re lying in your bed standing on the edge of sanity.

Chest is heavy, hard to breathe. It’s even harder to believe. Nightmares turning to reality.

It’s all about a secret they’ve stolen from you.
It’s all about how you missed out something new and you know it can’t be true.

Sometimes is better to let go. Don’t let fear get to you.

They got one pill to make you scream. Your thoughts can scare but life is just a dream.
Track Name: This is the last waltz
All the questions. Some strange people. Where to go?
Kicking yourself without strength just for the show.

Telling me that you are looking for some fun.
This was the sound of the very last gang in the town.

We went on the road for the millionth time, scraping gas money to the last dime…

Another gig, let’s leave this place behind, on the road with beer on my mind.
So here we are: riot-ready in your town. Hey, let’s turn this joint club upside down!
Track Name: Drunk and naked
Last Friday night offered just one drink really not planning to stay but I did anyway. Not doing too much as you might think: with a lot of beers, silly laughs and jokes, smiling all night without using any of those stupid smokes. But inside me everything seemed just fine, everything just seemed o.k.!

Need someone to guide me through the night!

Everyone has every right to say: “Please don’t live this way!”.
It makes no difference to dare, because it’s no secret that I don’t care.
Track Name: Heartbeat anthem
As long as there are words to say, I will tell you once again a thousand thoughts that pass my head.

The way I want to spend my time, having fun trying not too hard, to figure out what's life about.

It might seem to someone though, that all we do is drink and prowl, nothing is sacred at all.

So much more to this life, the shapes, colours and sound, inspiration is all around?

In the end well turn alright, maybe drinking too much beer, with mighty words but still sincere.

Ride on the wave of all the things that set you free, away from those who cannot see.

Remember when we were dancing on the streets.
Remember we¬ were so young and free,
singing along our favorite melodies ... do it again with me!